The Gregale is a Mediterranean wind that can occur during times when a low-pressure area moves through the area to the south of Malta and causes a strong, cool, northeasterly wind to affect the island. The name derives from the Italian grecale, which refers to the island of Zakynthos, in Greece. This is likely to be the Euroclydon storm, from Greek Euros (east) and kludo (billow, surge) or Latin Aquilo (north) "northeaster" or the island Clauda, which wrecked the apostle Paul's ship on the coast of Malta on his way to Rome.
Source: Wikipedia
Gregos is a studio with the capacity to accommodate up to three people. Includes 1 king-size bed and one single bed. It has a private veranda with unlimited sea views furnished to enjoy every moment. The studio is equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fan, equipped kitchen, fridge, coffee maker and TV. Free internet access via wifi is provided as well as parking.



Air Condition

king size bed

amazing view

free wifi

parking lot

no pets allowed

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