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The levant is an easterly wind that blows in the western Mediterranean Sea and southern France, an example of mountain-gap wind. When blowing moderately or strongly, the levant causes heavy swells on the Mediterranean. Usually gentle and damp, the levant frequently brings clouds and rain. The origin of the name is the same as the origin of the Levant, the region of the eastern Mediterranean: it is the Middle French word "levant", the participle of lever "to raise" and is referred to the Eastern direction of the rising sun.
Source: Wikipedia
Levantes is the smallest studio of Krotiria Resort. It is a studio with a capacity of up to two people. Includes 1 king-size bed. It has 2 independent verandas with furnished stone-built verandas, one overlooking the sea and the other overlooking the garden, for joyfull moments. The studio is equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fan, equipped kitchen, fridge, coffee maker and TV. Free internet access via wifi is provided as well as parking.



Air Condition

king size bed

amazing view

free wifi

parking lot

no pets allowed

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